DOGO - Remembrance of Frida Kahlo Boots

DOGO - Remembrance of Frida Kahlo Boots

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DOGO - Women Vegan Leather Beige Long Boots - Remembrance of Frida Kahlo Design


DOGO creates a brand-new world just with a print. We help you to reflect your colorful and unique character with creative designs. Fkl Long Boots model with the Remembrance Of Frida Kahlo print is at DOGO to show your difference! DOGO's handmade and vegan Remembrance Of Frida Kahlo fkl long boots lets you reflect yourself. Come join our world full of dreams, thoughts, and emotions.

FKL Long Boots

Product Code : khl020-lb001

Color:  Beige

Material:  Vegan Leather

Size Runs:  EU36 - 41


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