Rieker’s philosophy has always been to provide not just a better product, but the best people can buy. Rieker produces high-quality leisure products that not only look good, but enhance the wearer’s lifestyle. In today’s lifestyle driven market, Rieker is unique in being able to quickly respond to the fashion trends that men, women, and young people desire all while providing the product functions important to feel good in everyday life. Rieker shoes are famous for their longevity and anti-stress features.  Rieker's anti-stress footwear is unique. To maintain manufacturing integrity and to remain flexible with fashion trends, virtually everything Rieker sells is made by Rieker.

To ensure that walking is always a pleasure, and that your feet do not feel tired, all Rieker feature cleverly designed technical lightweight interiors, and flexible outsoles with shock-absorbing qualities, that ensure comfort and relief with every step. Rieker is where fashion means comfort and quality lasts right out of the box.


Rieker shoes are not merely decorative, fashionable, products. Their functional features mean they offer much more than that. Every shoe incorporates our special construction and utilizes lightweight and elastic components to achieve our special anti-stress features.

  1. Minimum weight.
  2. Optimum shock absorption on varying surfaces.
  3. Maximum reflexibility (what we call the ´barefoot´ feeling).
  4. A construction that devotes space to areas where the foot expands through the day.



LIGHTER:  Specially produced components and unique construction ensures a lightweight and comfortable fit.

REFLEXIBLE:  Allows for the natural movement of the foot and ensures the best fit at all times.

ROOMIER:  Custom Rieker last ensures more room in the toe box, allowing extra space for your foot.

SHOCK-ABSORBING:  Smart sole technology absorbs shock by spreading pressure over its entire surface for a more comfortable tread.

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