Sanita Premium Quality Clogs

Since 1907, Sanita Footwear has been combining experience with modern technology to refine the classic clog.  This enables Sanita to present footwear that lives up to the ever-increasing demands in the professional industry.

Sanita Clogs are premium quality clogs that we recommend for everyday use. Sanita customers demand the best possible comfort from us, and that is what Sanita Clogs are well known for around the world.

Sanita never compromises in our on-going product development. We analyze our customer’s requirements for durability, area of application and combine these demands with our expertise in producing perfect comfort.

The comfort is of essential importance for the consumer’s general well-being. It is our understanding that the end-user will choose the brand that provides the best possible comfort. With Sanita, quality and service have the highest priority!

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