Sanita - Professional Services Clogs

Alleviate your feet, legs and back from workplace woes with Sanita® Professional Services Clogs

An essential for the work place, the Sanita® Original Core Collection & Sanita® Workwear
Collection will provide you peace of mind while you handle your day-to-day business!

These timeless, everlasting popular Sanita® stylish clogs are the perfect combination of design and style for those in the culinary, healthcare, hospitality and other occupational fields.

The skid-resistant polyurethane outsole provides flexibility that absorbs shock to reduce fatigue along with an anatomically-shaped footbed for comfort. Sanita® Clogs are designed specifically around the foundation of the sole, creating a subtle rocking motion that actually
propels you forward while taking pressure off each step. This movement reduces the strain on your lower back and legs, so you can live a lifestyle that allows you to feel good-all the way down to your toes.

Sanita® gives back the freedom and well-being to your feet! Sanita® prides their clog designs on providing all day comfort, excellent support and stylish blends of classic and modern fashions.

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